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English, Russian and German Speaking Psychiatrist in Manhattan, New York City, Union Square (10003 and 10011)

Welcome to the homepage of Dr. Elena Bruck, MD.

Here you will find information about my treatment philosophy, my areas of expertise, my credentials, a couple of words about myself, as well as some links and resources which you might find useful during your treatment.

In my practice, I provide psychopharmacology, psychotherapy and a based on hard science guidance on lifestyle modification that may significantly improve my patients’ well-being. My practice is located in Manhattan, New York City, Union Square, zip code areas 10003 and 10011.

I believe in treatment which takes into account the whole person with their psychiatric, psychological, social and spiritual issues.

Being a medical doctor specialized in the field of psychiatry also gives me a perspective on possible medical causes of psychiatric symptoms and allows me both to prescribe medications and to offer individual psychotherapy.

While many non-MDs, primarily social workers and psychologists, provide psychotherapy as well, some patients benefit more from working with one doctor offering both medication and therapy rather than seeing two different people. 

I am an English, German and Russian speaking psychiatrist. Being trilingual, I provide consultation and treatment in English, German and Russian.

Beyond all this, my role as a psychiatrist is to foster hope and insight, decrease suffering and help my patients achieve more freedom through personal growth.

Please call or email me for a consultation today, dr@ebruckmd.com or 917-733-2867 or book an appointment directly from this website by pressing “Book and appointment” tab and I will contact you. 

My practice is located in Manhattan, New York City, Union Square, (10003 and 10011).

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